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Important Articles & Material >>>

  • Basic Facts
  • Veneti - mysterious people?
  • On the origin of Slovenes
  • Y-DNA Routes of the Ancestors of Slovenes
  • Origins of Beliefs/Izvori verovanj
  • The Making of the Slavs
  • Ethnogenesis, Invention and Migration
  • God Bless the Land Under Mount Triglav
  • Commentary on Internet publication of Andres Pääbo
  • Balthasar Hacquet and the Slavs
  • Toponyms containing ven, vin and van (Index in English)
  • Historical Quotes
  • Inscriptions
  • Veneti maps Europe
  • Veneti maps Slovenia
  • Literarure / Authors
  • About the Project
  • Weblinks

Other Articles & Material (conclusions not always in agreement with Veneti.info editorial)

  • Origin of Europeans/Izvor Evropejcev 2009
  • Conference in Potsdam
  • Origin of Europeans/Izvor Evropejcev 2008
  • Veneti on the Macedonian TV
  • New on Youtube
  • Origin of Europeans 08,09/07/07
  • Mythical and Stereotypic
  • Ancient inhabitants 2006
  • Ancient settlers 2005
  • The two monolith inscriptions from Visočica (the so-called Pyramid of the sun)
  • Slav - Slave
  • Four Elements
  • Stara Pruščina/Old Prussian
  • Satem/Kentum IČ,IC/K
  • Lords Prayers WEST SLAVS
  • Another Perspective on the Origin of the Slavs
  • Origin of the speeches
  • Mycenian spoke and wrote also in Proto-Slavonian
  • The Stele from Lemnos
  • Hidden messages in the inscriptions at the necropolis
  • Basil the 2nd the 2nd Macedonian
  • The Trinity-Троjство-Триглав
  • Prehistoric origins
  • Illyrian (Slavic) Tribes
  • ALSS, AISS & SWED versus ‘Phonemology’
  • J=vd squared
  • New inscription found
  • Who actually were the Vikings?
  • Were Asterix and Obelix Veneti?
  • How did legends about dwarfs originate?
  • Veneti fonts

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