On the TV station KANAL 5 (Skopje, Macedonia), there was a broadcast entitled: Венетите, едно од настарите народи во Европа (Veneti, one of oldest folks in Europe) on Friday, 7th march, 2008.


In November 2007 I was invited to be a host in the Late night Show, a talk show directed by reporter Milenko Nedelkovski. We appointed the day of arrival and recording of the show. As I was told by mr. Nedelkovski, he got mail from viewers, pointing him to Veneti and our website as being interesting for his show. And this is of course what our project is all about - informing people about the history of Veneti and revealing some new and less known approaches towards ancient history. But for a reporter not being a historian is surely quite a challenge to host a talk show about old and less known cultures, so he sure needed to catch up with some reading on the subject.


Robert Petrič on Curtas "The Making of the Slavs"


It was Sunday when I arrived to Skopje, to record the show. We met at the hotel together with Aristotel Tentov, also a researcher, working on a project of deciphering the Rosetta stone inscription. After a nice discussion we went to the Kanal 5 recording studio. Also prof. Matjaž Anžur, a Slovenian historian was there to record an interview for The Late night show, so there was a lot of interesting information for Macedonian TV viewers (see Anžur's interview below).


Matjaž Anžur

Now there was quite some important information presented to the Macedonian population and hopefully it served a good cause! Greetings to all Macedonians!