Since general public was never properly confronted with some historical facts, the idea of creating a website, informing about the ancient nation called the Veneti (Vends) has been realized.

The website is thought to work as a venetology center, trying to offer as much information as possible, and therefore contribute to a united presentation of venetologists on the institutional level (articles will be published in Slovenian and additionally translated into different languages). For such an achievement we will, of course, need a lot of professional accomplishments as well as co-operation. Unfortunately, we all have different occupations, which is why we are looking for assistance in editing and creating our website material (historians, linguists, archeologists, translators ...). Besides this, our website is thought to be politically neutral and tolerant. The articles will try to prove that the use of toponomastics (place-name research) can be one of the trust worthiest methodologies for historical researches. Another idea is also being developed: (interdisciplinary) learning of foreign languages through a progressive method of common linguistic roots, in order to improve the quality of teaching. Our goal is therefore to gather fresh professional assistance as a long-term strategy in acquisition for compact institutional support.

Robert Petrič, editor

In conclusion I would like to quote a scientist: "My colleagues (scientists) are in no way different than other people - some are devoted, others unconscionable, some are perspicacious and the others are boring." Only time will show, who can be classified as such ...

Intellectuals from all the Countries, consider this.