In unserer Projektgruppe geht es um Forschungen über die Veneter (Veneti). Die Website wurde als ein Bildung- und Informationszentrum für alle Generationen geformt. Mit Hilfe unseres Inhalt-Konzeptes versuchen wir unser Hauptziel zu erreichen - Schüller, Lehrer und andere Forscher für das Studium dieser alten Zivilisationen zu stimulieren. Das Konzept beinhaltet verschiedene Tätigkeiten, wie z. B. Artikelschreiben auf verschiedenen Orientierungsstufen (Kritisches, populär-wissenschaftlich, Kolumnen, Nachlese ...), Vorträge in der Schulen und Kultur-Instituten zu halten, Vortrags-Präsentationen auf spezialisierten wissenschaftlichen Workshops zu haben, sowie auch alle Forschungen in diese Richtung zu unterstützen. Es geht um ein aufgeschlossenes Projekt, bei dem jeder mitwirken kann.
Unser Slogan:
Geben wir unser bestes, so dass die Geschichte ein besseres Platz für jedem wird!
Robert Petrič, Redakteur
 Holding lectures about Veneti

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Veneti are to a large extent unknown to many people, since they are not included in any school curriculum. That is why we decided to offer a possibility of giving lectures on this subject. We can prepare talks with visual assistance of Powepoint program, followed by a discussion. Some of our lectures which were already held (Predavanje v Novem Mestu 01/02/07, Predavanje v Idriji 11/05/07 ...) prove that we are on the right way.

Available Topics
The organizer can choose between these interesting subjects (they can also be merged into one lecture):

  • Veneti and their historical background,
  • Venetic Inscriptions and their linguistic background,
  • Veneti and their culture,
  • Veneti and their archaeological and genetic aspect,
  • Veneti and their connections with modern Slavic nations
    as well as other neighboring populations.

    *All topics are adjustuble to the local community needs.

Instructions for Schools or other organizers

  1. As seen above there are optional topics you can choose from. Once you made up your mind, contact us in order to set the details. Usually such lectures are being held outside of the school schedule, though if you organize it within your schedule, there are more chances for us to successfully arrange the time.
  2. It is highly recommended that teachers prepare students (and themselves) for the subject. It is welcome to have discussions during the lecture - the more critical it is, the better! You should let us know whether you wish to hear a talk, a discussion or both in order to prepare the timetable.
  3. You need to provide a notebook and a projector in order to receive a Powerpoint visual assistance (highly recommended).
  4. Our work is voluntary, so we do not charge for coming. If you wish you can contribute something for material costs only.

Short history about the website

The website was launched as a multilingual project in June 2005. Starting in Internet together with the Origin project, but later splitting into two different websites, it was from the beginning a comprehensive project. It eventually became a notable research movement, free from any gregarious barriers and unbiased towards revaluation of history.
June 2005: first simple website with few articles and an English translation of one of them.
First website logo
September 2006: the website was fully functional with multilingual content. The introduction was translated into 25 languages.
Website logo from September 2006 until April 2007

April 2007: switched from old HTML to CMS system, using new functionalities, such us newsletters, event calendars, etc. The database of articles of course grew all the time.
Website logo from April 2007 until March 2008 

March 2008: the menu and website structure was adjusted to fit to new needs. The idea was to make the website as professional and suitable as possible.
Current website logo

 October 2009: the website system and template were modernized.